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Want to take a swim at the beach? Just let Pechs know and he'll keep an eye on you!


Pechs: This Zechs look-alike is the beach's resident lifeguard. Hunkmeister! He doesn't talk much, though, so if you're gonna bug him, make it brief :P



Master Roshi look-alike: Your job is to sell bikinis & thongs to the beachcombers! (Basically, all you have to do is sit at the back and read porno magazines). Really easy job!

Surfboard Rental dude/dudette: Pech's friend who knows the exact right surfboard for you!


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Relena's Prestigious School of Pacifism

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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Eh, that's something even I can't keep track of, Starlight. There are so many things Duo can get into...

:::funny guy::: *looks down at Relena* Are you okay, miss?

*Comes over to Pechs and Relena*....::looks at Pechs:: I WAS SUPPOSED TO SAVE HER!!!...*was gonna stangle Pechs*....::Relena wakes up::.. UH-OH.. GO TIME!!! BYEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*hauls Relena's screaming head above the water. She yells HEEROOO!! right in his ear* Ow. *Swims and brings the struggling Relena back to shore. :::Maybe I should have knocked her out first...hmm...:::

Uh-oh.... Relena's drowing again...-_-().. now I have to save her...*sighs*.. *strips off his shirt (WOOHOO!!!.. ^_^) and does the baywatch run!* .. hey. there's pecks.. YAY! Now i can go away form Relena.. but what if .......*starts thinking bout Relena annoying pecks...* HEY! SHE'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY STALKER..... GRRR....I'M COMING RELENA...* baywatch run again...*

-Wufei struts onto the beach with his head held up high. He stops, immediately reconizing Relena flapping about in the water- Gah! -turns around abruptly and sees Duo and Quatre- ACK! -stumbles backwards, murmuring to himself- I thought I'd be rid of these fools if I came here..!

*flaps her arms* ::Oi...I'm a chicken again!:: HELP!! I'M DROWING!! HEEROOOOO!!!

*with his supersonic lifeguard hearing & vision, spots Relena from a mile away. Leaps off his chair and runs across the sand - slow-mo a.k.a. Baywatch - and dives into the water*

*disappointed once again of not finding her true love. She sits on her surfboard* Where oh where can you be? *a huge wave comes at her and slams her into the sea.* EEEEEK!!! *the board is broken into tiny splinters* Uh oh...*waves her arms frantically trying to stay afloat* ACK! I CANT SWIM!!!

::Duo ate all the sugar in the house again, didn`t he?:: *remembers she left valt key under the bed last night and pales* ::Hopefully the baka didn`t open it.....:: Mr Shin, just how much trouble does Duo get into on daily bases?

*Relena pulls out Duo*
Relena: Duo?
Duo: OHhh! Huh! *sees Relena hideous face* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *dives back under water*
Quatre sees some beautiful creature with long woody hair,
Quatre: MY WOODY HAIRED CREATURE *he shouts* throws his violin aside and goes to help his precious out. Begins mouth to mouth resucitation.
Duo: Man that was the worst hallucination ever *coming around* Sees Quatre about to give him the kiss of life *thinking: even worse*
Duo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh *runs away kicking Quatre in the...ahem...area
Quatre *jumps onto him with incredible agility, starts petting hair* MY PRECIOUS (like gollum)

*walking on the shore near the water* I think I finally lost her (Relena). *Looks at the horizon* It's so beautiful... *takes out violin and starts playing heart-rendering melody, all the while dreaming of his woody-haired creature, smiling contentedly*

*looks around for Heero* Hmm....I swear I heard his sweet voice. *looks around the beach and sees someone surfing. She quints into the sea to see an image of Heero.* HEERO?!? I'm coming Heero!! Don't worry!! *grabs a surfboard from the nearest guy and starts paddling out* I'm coming to you!!!!

*Duo is surfing trying to impress his wife while the elastic band screams for help* I THE KING OF THE OCEAN
*evil wave comes and washes him away*
Quatre: Is he going to be okay
Duo's wife# (i cant remember, have toooo many wives, lost track) Hes the god of death hes already dead!!!

Friday, April 11, 2003

*sees Ms. Peacock walking by carrying a big metal box. A few seconds later, sees Ms. Peacock's Evil Clone walk past. Rubs eyes* :::Hn...must be sitting in the sun too long:::

*Wagomu smiles contently(if thats possable) The spooky music is replaced by happy music* Thank you Shin for giving me back to my master! You shall have good hair days for the rest of your life, and a life time supply of hair elastics!!!!

Um, no, Quatre, she's not. Though she could be on her way here and second. And I apologize, I'll stop calling you Miss, oki, Starlight? *smiles hopefully*

*appears in front of Duo, Shin, and Starlight, breathing heavily, hides behind Shin, duo to the fact that he's the tallest.* *huff*...hello Shin...*huff*...duo...*huff*...starlight...*looks around* Relena's not anywhere near here, is she?

Glad you`re ok, but do cut the miss stuff please. And, to tell you the truth, if I cut his hair, I`d have ta cut mine; and I happen to like my hair falling to the floor when its down. *remembers Duo`s still there* Duo, you didn`t happen to eat all the sugar again, did you?

And yes, I'm fine thank you *smiles*

Eeep. Miss Starlight, you've never met me because I don't get out too much *points to pale-ish skin while worrying for Duo's braid*

Mr Shin, are you alright? *grabs Duo`s braid* Duo, explain to me why I have never meet Mr Shin, he said he was a relative of yours, yet this is the first time I have meet him. So, explain before I decide to find one of my REAL daggers and cut off your braid.

ms. peacock: *is bored* sigh... *puts down book, then rummages in beachbag* *pulls metal detector out mary poppins style and begins to beachcomb*
metal detector:*BEEEP BEEEP BEEEPP*
ms. peacock: oooooo! *pulls shovel out of hammer space and begins to dig furiously* THUNK! *eyes widen in wonder* what the in heaven's name IS this?? *camera zooms out to show great big metal box of some kind with buttons and lights all over it *how am i supposed to get this open?? *looks all around for a handle or a doorknob or something* *pushes a few of the buttons* hmm.maybe i can find someone to help me? *wanders off*(but after she leaves, it begins to glow and open up... and out comes an EVIL ms. peackock CLONE!! ) evil twin: muwuhahahahaaa....*rubs hands diabolically*

*looks down at hair elastic and sweatdrops* ::Well, if i don't want bad hair days...:: *is suddenly plowed over by Duo* Ack! Oh, Duo, it's you! *looks over shoulder to see what he's running from* Oy, not Relena again! Oh, here's your elastic! *scrambles to pull it off wrist*

SHINIGAMI IS BACK FROM HELL TO ENJOY THE BEACH *sees Relena coming to ask about Heero* Due to certain circumstances i will have to postpone my lesuire time HELPPPP

*looks up from book to see Relena running towards him* Oh no... *Quickly packs up and runs toward another location... one that's Relena-free...*

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Wagomu: I shall wait for Duo-sama to come to this beach, so I shall rejoin him in his lice filled hair. I will rely on you to take me to him, when you meet him. But a fair warning, young Sir. If you do not give me to Duo soon, you shall be cursed with...BAD HAIR DAYS FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well, maybe for the next month... ... (I'm too nice ^_^)

*hears a familiar voice from far away*....HEEEEROOOOOO?!?! *gets all starry eyed* WHERE ARE YOU?! IF YOU CAN HEAR MY VOICE...umm COME AND FIND ME!! *waves her hands in the air so she would get more noticeable*

Hmmm.. a lot of people here today..*gasp*.. OH NO.. WHAT IF RELENA'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!...*goes and hides

Eh, yeah, I'm a friend, a relative actually. And yeah, I think he's mentioned you once or twice. *turns to Quatre* Oh, morning, Quatre! And, no, Duo isn't around. Maybe he'll be here later.

*eye twitch* the beach is awfully crowded today... *pulls out a huge umbrella and sits under it to avoid the sun's harmful rays that sear her lily-white librarian flesh* i wonder if that sweet boi trowa is around.... *pulls out "remains of the day" and begins to quietly read, then stops, grimaces, and looks up as relena runs by yelling and spraying sand all over her and her book* *glowers* *sighs* *continues reading, brushing the sand off the text as she gets to it* *mmbl* such a noisy place...

*sighs with disappointment* :: Where could he be...?:: *spots Quatre trying to find a spot to sit* ::Maybe he knows where Heero is..or at least keep me some company.:: *runs over to him* QUATRE!!! Have you seen Heero anywhere..? Maybe back at the house?

*approaches Shin and Starlight* Good morning! Is Duo around?

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

*blinks* Your one of Duo`s friends, aren`t you? Thats the only way you could have known my name, since I haven`t told it to anyone here. Though I am pleased to meet one of his friends, I fear I haven`t met a lot of his friends yet. *remembers large amount of suger back at the house where she last seen Duo* ::Na, I don`t think he`d be THAT dumb and get into it again, after what happened last time he ate it all...::

Eh? *sweatdrops* Well, Miss Starlight, I haven't seen Duo around either and as for this elastic *elastic coughs*, uh, I mean Wagomu *sighs and looks defeated* I'll just hold on to it till Duo shows, and I'll keep it quiet.

Mr Shin, your hair elastic is talking about Duo. *acts like a talking hair elastic is a everyday thing* But, as you can clearly tell, my husba- er, my friend, Duo, is not here. *pulls a dagger from boot* And if that elastic wants to stay together, it might want to shut up. *suddenly notices Duo replaced metal dagger for a wooden one and growls* I`ll murder him if he don`t leave my knives, daggers, and swords alone!!!!

*Pechs' own hair elastic vibrates at Wagomu's prescence. Reaches up and scratches his head*

*Duo's hair elastic use's its magic powers and Spooky X files type music starts to play* (sweatdrop): Shin, My name is Wagomu. I am the ruler of all hair elastic, and I serve as Duo's hair elastic. My job is to be a replacment for Duo's other hair elastic, if it fails to keep his hair tied together. Please take me to him, before it breaks and he is desperately searching for other elastic!!! *voice fades away and spooky music stops*

Ooo, a hair elastic *picks it up and slips it onto wrist* Might come in handy if mine breaks. *remembers Relena's shouting to him and out of his niceness decides to walk closer, hearing the "Heero" leave her lips* Heero? Uh, no, Relena, I'm not Heero. And I'm not Duo either *shakes head* I'm Shin.

*A stray hair elastic flies through the air, with the help of a slight breeze, and lands next to Shin*

Quatre: *takes out beachchair and umbrella* It looks like a nice day to relax... the sun is shining, the water's so pure and blue, Relena's waving her arms like a crazed maniac at Duo... *stops, stares at Relena, picks up stuff and tries to find another location*

*sees the person mouthing words to her. She gives a puzzled look.* What?! I can't hear you, Duo!! Can you say that again? Oh! HAVE YOU SEEN HEERO?! *gets all excited with stars in her eyes*

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

*Takes the time of Relena's distraction to stride back to his white, lifeguard chair. Climbs up and sits like a stone statue, letting his hair blow in the breeze*

Wha? Oh, no, is someone already mistaking me for Duo? *looks around to see who called out Duo's name and spots Relena and waves shouting* I'm not Duo! I'm Shin!

Catherine: *drops her beach bag on the sand* God. This better be worth it considering the traffic.

*drops her hand* Oh...ok. Hi Pechs! *sees someone running across the beach* Hmm..? *The sun shines brightly on her face so she can't see very well. Shades her eyes with her hand but that didn't help much. She recognizes the long brown braid.* Duo...? HEY DUUUUUUOOOOOOOO!! *waves*

*runs across the beach letting the wind blow through long brown braid* This is great, what a nice beach! I just hope no one mistakes me for Duo today...

Pechs. *stands there stiffly*

*feels a gust of air and gets all teary. She blinks a few times* Hey...I can see again! *smiles and sees the two standing in front of her* Um..hello. Thanks for saving me! My name is Relena Peacecraft. What is your names? *holds out her hand*

Monday, April 07, 2003

*takes Relena's head in his hands, takes a deep breath, and...BLOWS!!*

*notices Relena* Miss, are you ok? Do you have sand it your eyes? If so, then do what my mother always told me to do, keep your eyes open for as long as you can without blinking. ::Who is this nut? Hm...acts like one of Duo`s friends..what was her name again?::

::I'm gonna go blind!! I feel like a chicken!:: Ow! Ow! BURNS!! HELP!

Sunday, April 06, 2003

*shifts eyes nervously* Um, sure.... There's not much to do, though.... *still looking at Relena flapping her arms about. Wonders if he should do something* ... ::::She looks like she's drowning but she's on land.... Does that count?::::

*walks up to Pechs* Hello, sir. *bows* Seems I`ve lost my husba- er, my friend Duo Maxwell and I need someone to talk to. Would you mind if I spent some time around you till Duo shows up? ::If Duo don`t get here soon, he`ll be sleaping on the couch tonight::

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