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Want to take a swim at the beach? Just let Pechs know and he'll keep an eye on you!


Pechs: This Zechs look-alike is the beach's resident lifeguard. Hunkmeister! He doesn't talk much, though, so if you're gonna bug him, make it brief :P



Master Roshi look-alike: Your job is to sell bikinis & thongs to the beachcombers! (Basically, all you have to do is sit at the back and read porno magazines). Really easy job!

Surfboard Rental dude/dudette: Pech's friend who knows the exact right surfboard for you!


Quatre's mansion
Relena's Prestigious School of Pacifism

The Gundam Boys: Off Duty :P
Duo & Quatre's Fan Club

Saturday, April 19, 2003

...::eh??.. she just left me.. for QUATRE!!!.:: QUATRE MUST DIE!!! *starts thinking bout if he should kill him or help him...*wait.. I'm da lifeguard.. and he's in da water...hmm... I guess i should help him... T_T...*starts going towards Quatre and Pechs* ::Hey.. Pechs is there...oh wellz::..*hear's Quatre scream.. "I LOST MY SWIM TRUNKS"*.. *snickers* .. AHAHAHA!!!.. BLACKMAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*blinks* ::If `Fei wanted a hair tie, all he has to do is ask. I mean, blacks way better then pink:: *wanders off looking for Duo, intent on making him get her a ice cream*

-eye twitch- ...I loose the only hair elastic I have with me.. and I am forced to wear... THIS?! -stares at the pink scrunchie- Ahh.. well, It's only temperary. -glances about, nervously- As long as no one see's it, I'll be fine. I should purchase some type of head gear at the surf shack; That way, no one will see this monstrosity in my hair! e.e -quickly bunches his hair together, and ties it back with the pink scrunchie- e.e -jumps up, dashing off full speed towards the Surf Shack- OUT OF MY WAY! -tramples over a little girl's sand castle and knocks an icecream cone out of a little boys hand-

Hair elastic? *looks confused* I do not know of any HAIR ELASTIC! ::Wufei seems...a bit mad:: Are you mad or something? If you want a hair elastic I have...*pulls out a pink scrunchie* this? *gives it to Wufei* Hope that makes you happy! ::Now I gotta help Quatre...hmm:: *runs off to a store*

*Tries to move as far away from Pechs as possible without having to kick the water and uh... you know...**whispers* Pechs, I...lost my swim trunks...
Pechs: Huh? Did you say something, you're too far away... *comes closer, Quatre moves further back*
Quatre: I lost my swim trunks...
Pechs: what?
Quatre: I LOST MY SWIM TRUNKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *realizes that he's shouting, turns tomato. Everyone on the beach stares at him. "mommy, did that man say he lost his swim trunks?""shush!"*
Pechs: What? DID YOU JUST SAY THAT YOU LOST YOUR SWIM TRUNKS!!!?????? *Quatre facefaults on surfboard, blushing like crazy.*

Friday, April 18, 2003

*scans the horizon and spots Quatre staring at him from the ocean. Stares back. Finally gets up and walks over.* You okay there, little buddy? *for some reason, the closer he gets to Quatre, the farther back Quatre moves* :::Er...:::

*tans and soon falls asleep*

-looks up, glaring bullets at Relena- ...You! YOU STOLE MY HAIR ELASTIC!! Hand it over, Onna! Or be prepared to face the wrath of Wufei!!

Relena: *sees Quatre grabbing on to his surfboard and he seems fine* Whats wrong Quatre? *she sits on her surfboard*
Quatre:AAAAHHHH!!!! *hides behind the surfboard*
Relena: *comes closer* Quatre...? I'm trying to help you!!
Relena: *keeps on coming closer* How can I help you from waaaaay over here?! What are you hiding?
Quatre: ::Maybe Relena will help me. She's not Duo:: *he whispered so only Relena can hear* I lost my swimming trunks.
Relena: *has a puzzled* You need to talk a little louder than that?
Quatre: I....*blushes* lost my swimming trunks..
Relena: Ohhh...*giggles* teehee. Poor little naked Quatre! Don't worry! RELENA'S HERE TO HELP! Just stay right there! *paddles back to shore and sees Wufei screaming* HI WUFEI!! *smiles at him* Are you ok?
Quatre: *sees Relena distracted by Wufei* Oh I'm doomed...

O_O Gah!! What has become of my hair-elastic?! -goes onto his hands and knees and searches his beach towel- KISAMA! Where is it?!!

ms. peacock's evil clone: *sneaks up behind wufei... sneeks...sneeks...waits ... RIPS HIS HAIR ELASTIC OUT!* *ducks down behind wufei who, suprised by the shock of the pull on his hair, has fallen out of his lotus position into a sort of seductive lounging position and is tossing his radiant hair in the warm breeze as he rubs his head in pain* *cups hands and shouts* YOOOO HOOOOO QUATRE-KUN AISHITERUUUUUUU!!!*sniggers and runs off*

-glares up at Starlight- Feh, whatever. Just get out of my way! You're blocking my sun! -gets up and shakes the sand from his towel, then lays it back down on the sand again- Hnn.. -mutters something under his breath, then sits back down on the towel again- ...-looks at Starlight- Well..? What are you waiting for? Shoo! Shoo! -does the 'shooing' motions with his hands- Hnnmpf.. -grunts, brushing the sand off of his feet before folding them neatly under himself- .... -sits Indian style and meditates-

Heero: *pushes her away* You can't poke people!
Relena: ...*sobs quietly* B...but why?
Heero: Its BAD thing ok? It would make me...happy for you not to do it anymore. *tries to smile but eh not succeeding*
Relena: Ok...*hears Quatre screaming for help* QUATRE?! I'M COMING QUATRE!!!!! *grabs a surfboard and paddles out* QUATRE DON'T WORRY MY FRIEND!!

*lifts his head* :::thought I heard my name::: *a gull goes screeching GRAWK! overhead and lands a piece of dirty doo on the cap of a sunbather next to him* :::Yeah...must have been that:::

*Quatre decides to go surfing*
Quatre: *to the surf board guy* One surf board please! Thank you!
*paddles out into the water and waits for a wave. Sees a wave and starts surfing like a pro*
Quatre: Whee!!! this is fun!!!!
*wave ends. Quatre falls into the water*
Quatre: It feels so cold here... a little too cold...
*looks under water, realises that he lost his swim trunks*
Quatre: Not again... note to self: don't ask Duo for help... PECHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2003

Schnu? *gets jolted awake as something hits against his legs* Oh...that's alright. *Yawns, stretches* That happens often. That's why I don't suntan very much. *rubs his shins* You are very pale. This your first time?

Gah! Relena get off of me! T_T *pushes Relena off of him* .. eh???.. doncha get that im trying to get rid of ya?!!? *Relena starts to cry* Relena.. Relena.. I'm sorry.. BUT U CANT POKE PPLZ!!!!

*rolls over and looks at a bunch of little kids running around a sand pile* ::Children are a bit inresponsible, taking everything for granted.:: *walks over and shoos the kids away, before relising the sand pile is a person and digging Wufei up* ::I shouldn`t of saved him, shoulda left him to die....:: I`m not expecting a thank you, `Fei, but don`t you dare call me onna.

-smirks- Finally. Alone, again.. -brushes the sand off of his towel- Damn that onna! >>.. She just doesn't know when to SHUT UP! ._. -lays down and rests- ....aaahhh.. **Kids run by Wufei, laughing and screaming** O.o KEEP IT DOWN, BRATS! -closes his eyes- **The kids come back. They run around Wufei's towel, then begin kicking sand on him** GAHHHH!!! Away!! AWAAY WITH YOU ALL! -is eventually covered/burried in the sand and his cries are muffled- ....

*has decided to suntan today also, is carrying sunglasses and a beach towel* Now, where to find the perfect spot... ACK! *accidentally trips over Pechs legs* Sorry! *scrambles up* I'm just gonna set up over here... *lays out towel a few feet away from Pechs*

*Duo sees Relena glomping Heero*
Duo: Oh! Perfect blacmail material! The perfect soldier in love! *starts to take pictures*
Quatre: *sobs* MY woody haired creature*

*sees Heero holding her hand...err arm kinda and dragging her far away from Wufei* ::I guess he wants us to be alone:: *giggles to self* Oh Heero! *swoons* For eternity I have longed to be in your arms. *puts her hand on her head* For centuries I have longed to hear your voice. Now we are FOREVER!!! *glomps*

-vein bulge- >>. -petty wave of the hand- GOOD! Now... take her...over there! -snap snap- Imediately! -points to a spot on the beach a couple... hundred yards away- >>..mmn.

*is humming Bootylicious while he sets up his towel for some suntanning* :::Why do I have that song in my head?::: *shrugs and lays down on his back* :::Aaaah... I forgot how nice this felt...::: *drifts off to sleep*

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

*still sleeping at a table in the bar `cause she was up all night yelling at Duo* zzzzzzzz get away from him bloody demon of earth zzzzzzzzzz *dreaming Quatre`s a demon and is chasing Duo, she`s dressed in red an black armor and is fighting Quatre with a sword made of demons bone*

*Sees Wu-wu screaming.. in da sand*.. eh?? is he drowning in da sand?!?!.. oh wellz.. MUST SAVE HIM!!!!* baywatch run! (WOOHOO!!...^_~)*
Heero: Wufei?!?! You alright man?!
Heero: OKAY! no prob there.. ehehe! *grabs Relena by da arm* Sorry Relena.. but its what the people want.. and what the people want is what the people get.. ^_^.

**dreaming** ... -running around in a meddow of flowers- Ahh.. how peaceful.. -faint smile- serenity.. at last.. **the once blue, cloudless sky now turns black** eh? -looks up- oo;;...a..AHHHH!!! -sees the faint image of Relena in the clouds with sabor-like fangs, green scaly skin and long, bloody claws- Dream-Monster Relena: Wuuufeeeiii... -hisses and calls his name in a scornful, singsong voice- wakey wakey now...SO I CAN EAT YOU!!! **The dream begins to fade away as Wufei begins to come to. He hears Relena calling to him** ...-opens his eyes and sees good, ol' Relena...again- GAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! -holds up his arms to shield himself- DON'T EAT ME, YOU MONSTER!!

*sees Wufei black out* Oh he's alive! But...not very much. *pokes him again and says in a sing song voice* Wufeeeei.....wufeeeei? Wakey wakey now! *grows impatient and slaps him* COME ON WAKE UP!!!

-eyebrow twitch- ....-body spazes out- ..-opens his eyes and screams- NATAKU, GIVE ME STRENGTH!! -sees Relena leaning over him, poking him- AAHHHHHH!!! DEMON ONNA!!! -blacks out- x_X

Duo *sees Relena leaning over Wufei who is unconcious* O_O! OMIGOSH!!! *takes in deep breath and...* GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DEMON GIRL KILLED WUFEI!!!
Relena: What?
Duo: You killed Wu-man *starts sobbing* Oh the fine times we used to have, no finished because of that annoying pacifist. POOR WUFEI.
Relena *slips out*
Duo: *shakes Wufei to check if he's dead* Wufei? Wufei? Wufei? Wufei? *convinced he's dead* NOOO!! WUFEIIII!!
Wufei: WHATTTT!!!

*been wondering around the beach all night* ::I'm gonna take a nap...yea naps are good. NO! Heero is counting on me to find him! So I will go on for you my love!:: *nods to self and sees Wufei unconcious* WUFEI!!! *comes to him* Are you ok?? *pokes him repeatedly* Eww are you dead?

-_-; -lifts his head out of the sand and stares hard at Quatre- You're clueless, aren't you? You're not aware of who this... woody-haired creature thing actually is. -coughs and glances at Duo- ...GAH! -covers his ears to block out the images- The hooorrooor!! The Hoooooorrroooooor!!!!! -jumps up and takes off running in some random direction- Stay away! Stay awwwaay! -turns his head to look over his shoulder at Duo and Quatre- Oh, the humanity!! The paaai..ACK! -runs right into a flag pole- X_x -collapses-

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

*next day*
Quatre: *bounces out of summer beach house right near the beach with a smile* For some reason I feel very good today! *recalls yesterday* Ah... I got to see my precious woody-haired creature and my precious dark woody-haired creatre... *daydreams, shakes head and heads toward the beach, sees Wufei and Duo*
Quatre: Hey guys, where were you yesterday? You missed my precious woody-haired creature...
Wufei: ... *buries head in the sand*
Duo: ... *holds on to his braid and begins stroking it* believe me Quatre, we didn't miss "it", we were there the whole time... *faints of exhaustion*
Quatre: ?

*wakes up in the morning with a major hangover. Groans* What happened?? *looks at the time* Oh, god, I'm late for work. *runs outside his cabin and directly to the beach where he sees Heero...sitting in his chair...and wearing his uniform... :::???::: So you're the new lifeguard, eh? *smiles* What was that? *thinks about Heero's question* Well...if you insist, then I guess it's no problem. I've done worse. :::Especially when they weigh 300 lbs and have bad breath::: *Inward wince* Well...maybe it's time I take a break... But give me a shout if you need anything. *walks away towards the suntanners and beach umbrellas*

Eh?!.. What the hell is goin on in that bar.. *hears Pechs singing Bootylicous*.. uh.. oOoOoOo..*sees sign up sheet to be a lifeguard*.. must sign!..*runs over and signs up*

*Next day* Heero's all suited up to be a lifeguard! ^_~ Climbs up da ladder and sits down...:: oh crap.. what if Relena finds out I'm the new lifeguard?!?..*gasp* what if she drowns again.. im gonna have to save her.. and maybe..*thinks bout mouth to mouth* O_o ::
*sees Pechs*.. Uhh.. Pechs.. if Relena drowns.. can you save her and not me?!!? PLEASE!?!?!?

*has finished swimming and goes to the bar for a drink* Is that the lifeguard? Why is he singing "Bootylicous"? *is midly disturbed*

GAHHHHH!!! What is that horrible ruccous?!!!! -looks over at Pechs- YOU! Shut that hole in your mouth immediately!!

*holds the mic as everyone's staring at him* Uh... :::lemme see if I remember how this goes::: *breaks into song*
Lead my hips,
Slap my thighs
Swing my hair,
Square my eyes
Lookin' hot,
Smellin' good
Groovin' like
I'm from the hood
Look over my shoulder,
I blow you a kiss
Can you handle,
Handle this
I don't think you ready for this jelly....
:::Hey...this is actually not bad:::

*singing monotone cuz she had no clue how the song went* Uhhh...*keeps on reading the words that are on the screen* ::Maybe I should start looking for Heero...:: *stops singing and passes the mic to Pechs* Have fun! ^_^

*Sees Relena bouncing around in her bikini* O_O *sees all the other males staring at Relena with googly-eyes* *snaps out of it* :::This bar is no place for a young girl::: *Frantically digs through the song list and searches for something, ANYTHING, other than Nelly. Out drifts Destiny's Child. 'I don't think you ready for this, Cuz my body too bootylicious for ya babe!'...* ...

*watches Heero run off* Okay, that settles it. This sand is no safe place. *takes a running leap into the water and swims out as far as safely possible*

Hmm...*looks through the many titles of songs to choose from* So many songs...what to choose..what to choose..AHA! *choose her song and music begins to play.She bounces to the rthym* Its getting hot in herre..so take off all your clothes! ::My word...this isn't the song I wanted!!:: *shrugs and keeps on going.*

Duo *sees Quatre getting ready to fight his wife*
Duo: Where's that damn elastic! Why me
Starlight: Ok blonde boy, lets see hwat you've got
Quatre: WOODY HAIRED CREATURE *launches himslef at her with an uncivilized war cry*
*Duo looks around for a hair elastic, sees Wufei, sees hair hair elastic, takles him and rebraids his hair, the other two still fighting*
Starlight: Take that YOU!! Go fing yourself someone else, DUO"S MINE ALL MINE DID YA HERE THAT HAHAHAHAH!!!
Quatre *battered and butchered, sees Wufei*:OH I"VE SEEN YOU!! YOU"RE THAT DARK WOODY HAIRED CREATURE
Wufei: DUOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Duo: Yes dear!!

Relena: *walks into the bar and sees no sign of Heero but she sees Pechs* PECHS! Hi! Have you seen a guy named Heero Yuy?
Relena: *sighs sadly* ..ok. *she sits next to Pechs* Heeeeey! KARAOKE MACHINE!! ^___^ *grins happily and walks over to it*

*pried away from his precious woody-haired creature, Quatre faces Starlight, hair covering his expression...*
Quatre: ...
*looks up at starlight with Zero look in eyes, gets ready for combat*
Quatre: My woody-haired creature...

*Is at the bar when feels someone clutching the back of his trunks. Spins around* Oh. You're back. *sees Relena in the distance, shading her eyes and yelling HEEEERROOOO!! The glass in Pechs' hand begins to reverberate with her sonic shockwaves* Now, I understand... *looks at Heero in sympathy. Then, with a determined look on his face, hauls Heero up by the scruff of the neck and tosses him behind the bar* You can hide here.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Okay.. fine.. T_T.. ::no one ever likes my ideas.. it's cause they're all dangerous...from now on I'll be carefu-.. gah!.. Relena's coming!!!!.. must hide!!!*panics* If she gets me I'll never get free!! T_T..:: BYE PPLS!!! I gotta go and uh... do stuff.. BYEZ!.. hides behind Pechs so Relena won't see him..

*watches Starlight pry Quatre from Duo, is relieved* See, Heero, now we don't have to do the plan!!

*groans in the brightness of the sun* ::The sun...too BRIGHT!!:: *sees Heero in a far distance* AAAAAHHHHH MY LOVE!!! Fear not! For I am coming to you!! *runs off*

*prys Quatre away from Duo* Keep your hands off my husband, or I will kill you, understand? I shall not allow any harm to come of him, and I will kill anyone he wishes. That is why I am his wife, now BACK OFF BEFORE I DESIDE TO KILL YOU!!!

*sees Shin* YO SHIN!!!!!! OVER HERE!!!!!!! *Shin sees him.. and.. RUNS!* ARGH!.. now imma run after him.. hope Relena doesn't see me!.. uh.. 1,2,3,4,5,6.. GO!!! *runs and jumps on Shin..* Now gimme Wagomu!! *Shin doesn't cuz he lost it.. T_T*..
Heero: ARGH!! YOU BAKA!!!! Do you know what Duo's goin through?!?!
Shin: ... -_-.. noooo... me sowrie....
Heero: *Heero imitates Quatre.. * My precious.. ehehe
Shin: Not the woody haired creature again!!!
Heero: Yup yuppers...now for my plan.. *whisper whisper* We find Wagomu *whisper whisper* You're gonna be the woody haired creature *whisper whisper* then RUN! Got it?!?!
Shin: uhh.. I DUN WANNA!!!!
-Shin tries to run but Heero attacks him-
Shin: T_T ::WHY ME?!?!?!?!::

*Lays Relena down on the sand* :::Was that her boyfriend? For some reason, they never warm up to me::: *Leaves Relena baking in full blast of the sun and wanders off, lost in thought* :::I think I need a break::: *Removes his 'lifeguard' shirt and heads over to the nearest soda stand*

Quatre:*pats the woddy-haired creature's hair* How long have I waited for your coming back to me... *smiles, hugs woddy-haired creature tight*
Duo: GGGGAAACCCKKKK! Let go of me!!!!! *struggles, to no avail*
Quatre: You don't have to be so shy anymore, my woody haired creature...
Duo: ::::kami help me...::::

Sunday, April 13, 2003

*is suddenly standing alone on the abruptly crowded beach* Eh? Well, I suppose I'll get some swimming done now... *is off to the water when spots Heero coming towards him, an oddly crazed look on his face*

O_o... ::looks like a fights goin on:: ...I think I'll help Quatre... no one picks on my buddy.. hey.. wait.. *snicker... :: haha.. that's Duo!! A.K.A the woody haired creature:: HAHAHAHA!!.. i'll find his hairband... MISSION ACCEPTED!.. now let's find Shin...

*spots Duo and Quatre and walks over* Sir, I believe you have my husband. And as much as I would love to kill him for changing my daggers, I can`t because I married him and I love him more then life itself. Now, get away from my husband before I show you the reason why back in my home town they call me the Man Slayer. *growls at Quatre in anger* And trust me, I will NOT hold back.

-murmurs to himself- Just keep to yourself, and no one will notice you. -brief nod- Yes! -skitters on quickly over to an isolated area- Perfect. Great sunlight, quiet area. -lays his beach towel down onto the sand, straightening out any folded corners- Peace...and quiet.. -slowly lowers himself onto his towel, brushing the sand from his feet before folding them under himself neatly- ..Serenity.. -removes a novel book from the wasteband of his swimming trunks, leans back, and opens up the book to the first page-

Eh...? *bright sun shining in her face* Wha..? Am I in the land above? Wow..so pretty. *faints*

Duo *struggling from the ever dazed Quatre : someone! HELPPPPP MEEEEE!!!!
Quatre: Don't worry i'll take care of you, my precious (like gollum again) *starts petting hair*
Duo: Where's my Wife when i need her the most!!!

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