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Want to take a swim at the beach? Just let Pechs know and he'll keep an eye on you!


Pechs: This Zechs look-alike is the beach's resident lifeguard. Hunkmeister! He doesn't talk much, though, so if you're gonna bug him, make it brief :P



Master Roshi look-alike: Your job is to sell bikinis & thongs to the beachcombers! (Basically, all you have to do is sit at the back and read porno magazines). Really easy job!

Surfboard Rental dude/dudette: Pech's friend who knows the exact right surfboard for you!


Quatre's mansion
Relena's Prestigious School of Pacifism

The Gundam Boys: Off Duty :P
Duo & Quatre's Fan Club

Saturday, April 26, 2003

-Stumbles back over to the spot where his towel is- Gah.. -glances over towards Relena and Pechs- Some people should not be allowed on this beach.. >>.. -makes his way to the metal detector rental shack and rents... a metal detector- Might as well burn time..-paces around the beach, waving the metal detector over the sand-

*is talking to Sakura*.. :: why is she looking at me that way???...thats how Relena looks at me!..maybe i can get her jealous..^^:: ehehe*puts his arm around Sakura and starts walking and talking*
Amy:...he just left me.. for Sakura!!!..oh well.. who cares.. at least she's not Relena!

*grins and begins to drag Duo over to the bar, still eating ice cream sundae* ::Man, life is good, even if I have to act like a baka:: Duo? Sing me a song please? ::Glad to be married to him, even if he is crazy....maybe I`ll by him a drink.. Nah, that`ll have to wait:: If you do, I`ll bake you a cake when we get home

Starlight oders a HUGE..scrap that...GIGANTIC sundae. Show bill to Duo
Duo: 200$????!!!! WHAT AM I A GOLD MINE! And let a have a bite!! *extends hand*
Starlight: NAH!!*slaps hand*

*feels Pechs put his arms around her* Ok! ^____^ *sees Heero talking to one of Quatre's sisters. An evil red sparks in her eyes* ::Hmmm Suicidle Heero who pays no attention to me and keeps running away OR good looking lifeguard....err ice cream guy who will love me forever and ever!:: Uh ....uh *her eyes hop from Heero to Pechs* UMMMM!

Friday, April 25, 2003

*Watchs the Zechs/Mechs lookalike run slowmo over to some blond chick* "I wonder whats up with that guy? Did he like getting a bottle thrown at him?" *Turns her head to continue talking with her new friend, Amy when she notices some cute Japanese boy walking over to her. She blushs and wonder's if breath and hair are ok. Suddenly she notices that he looks familier* .... .... ...Syaoran-kun???

*shakes his head after feeling the glass crack on him. Stands up, holding his head* :::What the...::: *sees Relena running along the sand in slow-mo, long hair glimmering in the sun like a Pantene Pro-V commercial, the sun shining on her silken smooth skin* Oh, my god. *feels his heart stop* RELENA! *runs towards her before she disappears and wraps an arm gently around her waist* Please don't ever leave me.... *is still wearing the ice cream girl's apron*

:: eh??.. Relena just threw a bottle at me.?. was that the love potion?!?!::.. IT'S PECHS!!!.. hears Relena say YES! *evil glare*.. so you dont want me no mores huh??.. well fine.. *sticks out tounge and pulls down his lower eyelid* .. I'm out.. maybe I'll talk to Sakura!!! *sees Sakura and Amy talking and walks over to them*

*gets up slowly* Ow...*hears someone scream "REVENGE ON RELENA!!!!"* EEP!! ::The love potion wasn't PERMANENT!!:: *gets those big teary anime eyes* WHY MUST THE WORLD BE SO MEAN TO ME?! *runs to Roshi's Shack*
Roshi:Ehhhh *drooling as he looks at the ceiling with a dazed look*
Relena: *grabs the love potion and runs out of the store without paying* I WILL CURE YOU OF THIS ....THIS uhh THING!! RETURN TO ME MY LOVE!!! *runs out of breathe* ....ARGH! *throws the bottle at Heero and has her fingers crossed* ::BREAK!! BREAK!!::
Heero: *has his arms crossed and a mad look on his face* ::REVENGE!!!:: *bottle doesn't reach him*
Relena:*bottle cracks on the ice cream guy* Eh?! *squints to see that it is Pechs!* NOOOOO!!!!! ....YEEEEEES!!

Thursday, April 24, 2003

*blinks rapidly* No... *quickly scoops up Sakura's ice cream and hands it to her, turning red* :::I do NOT want to be seen as an ice cream boy::: *shifts uncomfortably in his tight tight apron*

*Sakura sets her stuff down and decide's to have a ice cream* Walks over to the ice cream stand* Excuse me, may I have a double chocolate chip cookie dough please. *Looks up at the person serving her and does a double take* Hey, haven't I seen you before?

Arigatou, koi! *beems happily and starts jumping around like a little girl* Arigatou! Arigatou! Arigatou!! *settles down then pulls Duo over to the ice cream stand yelling SWEET SNOW!! all the way there*

-Wufei coughs, stopping imeadiately- ...Gah!! Where am I?! -turns around and sees that his towel and his belongings are all the way on the other side of the beach- >>..How'd I get all the way over here?!!

*Walks on to the beach in short denium shorts a blue tank top and a blue viser. Also she has her gun holstered on her thigh.* Herro? Where are you! *people are looking at the gun and getting very nervous* What? I AM Heero's little sister!

*wakes up as the sand around him is disturbed* Oh no! Wait Quatre! *runs after him* I've got an extra pair right here! *waves about leopard print swim trunks* You can wear them!

Does she want an ice cream? or a drink?.. umm* thinking really hard*.. maybe she'll want flowers!!!.. ::or maybe....::..SO FRUSTRATING!!!!..hey ..i thought i didn't love Relena.. *sweatdrop*...that water stuff she poured on me!!...a love potion!!:: i wonder if wu-wu's back to normal?::. REVENGE ON RELENA!!!!!

Duo *chillin out soakin the sun shinigami style* :ACKK!! Quatre's lost his trunks again! Poor guy!! *looks over to Heero who is sitting on his lifeguard seat thinking how to get Relena? Is he okay!* Will he? Won't he? *seeing him leaning over the chair about to fall*
Duo *gets up alert slauting his wife: Yes ma'am *scoots away, so much for the chillin out*

*Watchs her nude brother run across the beach* *Sweatdrop* Ohhhhhhh, I didn't know this was a nude beach! *Reachs behind her back and starts to unbuckle the front part of her bikini, but then she see's a couple walk by with swim suits on* Oh, I must have been mistaken! *Grabs her beach towel, and surf board, and walks onto the beach, looking for a place to set up *camp*.

*feels something pounding against her head*
Some Kid: Mommy!! Something's blocking the door!! *keeps trying to open it with Relena in the way*AAAAHHHH ITS A DEMON! TRYING TO BLOCK MY WAY SO I CAN'T GO HOME!! *starts to cry*
Relena: Ow ow ow!!! *feels so tired she can't move*
Mother of some kid: *comes to see what is happening to her child* WHAT IS IT?! *sees Relena* My gosh! ITS A DEAD ANIMAL!! *covers the kid's eyes* We'll get out the back way! *takes their hand and goes the back way*

*has successfully made a hole deep enough to cover his whole naked body.*
Quatre: At last I could wait until nightfall then I would slip past all the people, it would be so dark so no one could see me wear this thing... *stretches side of thong, thong breaks. Major sweatdrop. Turns around quickly to hide in the hole he made. Realizes that while he was facing the other way a truck came in and poured sand into the whole, filling it.* O_O this is definitely not my day... *panicks as he realizes that he's butt naked and starts running towards the hotel. Everyone is now wondering who's the butt naked boy running around naked on the beach.*

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

*ice cream girl runs into Pechs and shoves him her apron*
Ice cream girl: Pechs! Cover for me!
Pechs: ...Why?...
Ice cream girl: There's a guy making shell bracelets on the beach! And I heard he was really cute ^_^;
Pechs: Wait!..
*Ice cream girl runs off. Pechs puts on the under-sized apron and walks into the stall, wondering what the hell he's supposed to do. Just stands there. Then reconsiders and holds the scoop in his hands. :::????:::

*is on the ground*.. grr.. :: im gonna kill wu-wu now!!!::.. i wonder if Relena wants an ice cream cone.. ^^.. i'll go find her

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

A green VW Beetle pulls up to the parking lot of the Beach. The car door opens and out steps, what looks like at first glance, Quatre...in a bikini. The person turns their head and long blond hair blows in the breeze. A Star Key hangs from her neck. (Wink, wink, hint, hint) The girl proceded's to unpack her Car and walk onto the hot sand. She looks up, takes off her sunglasses and blinks..."Is that my little brother???"

Wagomu: I hope no one needs a hair elastic today, cause I need a break! *Sips on a rubber soda and injoys the breeze. Looks over and see's Wufei with a pink scrunchy on and laughs* It doesn't look like he's that desperite for a hair elastic. *A bunch a kids run over and step on it, but Wagomu didn't feel a thing* AHHHHHHHH, this is the life! (Don't ask me how Wagomu can do any of this!)

*stop for a second to look behind her* ::Whew...I think I lost them:: *then she sees Wufei running to her with open arms* EEEK!! *starts running again* ::Why must I be so beautiful? *sighs* Its soo hard! Men fall for me everywhere I go!!:: *spots the bar* Oh! HIDING PLACE!! *takes a quick glance behind her and runs into the door* X_X

Relena! Come back! -watches Relena run away- >>... -looks at Heero- Look what you did, Yuy.. this is all.. your.. FAULT! -gives Heero a quick shove, then takes off running after Relena- Relena, my sweet! Your graceful run reminds me of the sleek spotted leopard; So quick.. yet so agile.. -dreamy sigh- Wait for meeee!! -waves arms around franticly-

O_O *both men are grabbing her arms* ::Uhh what should I do?? What should I Do?! Why is Wufei talking like that? Is he reciting poetry?:: *sad face* ::Heero never recited ME any poetry..:: I'm not really in the mood for ice cream. Why don't we all play a game? Or something..? *smiles at the guys*
Wufei and Heero: *in awe by her smile*
Relena: *sees their dazed look and runs* AAAAHHHHH!!

*Finally reaches shin. Sunglasses rise, and women giggle.*
Quatre: Shin! Please tell me that you have an extra pair of trunks! Please!!!!!! *stares at Shin hopefully*
Shin: ...
Quatre: ...
Shin: ...
Quatre: *now very, very red and very, very desperate.* ... Shin?
Shin: ...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Quatre: *facefaults on the sand. Realizes his naked butt is revealed. Starts digging a hole where he could hide himself in for the rest of the day. Mothers scream and children stare at the weird man in a thong digging a hole in the sand.*

Monday, April 21, 2003

-eyes Heero grabbing Relena's arm- O_O .::Who does Yuy think he is; taking my woman away from me like that? Feh... I'll show him..::. Relena!! -frantic wave- Wait for me! -runs towards her, skidding to a stop just feet away from her and Heero- .::Wow, look at that body! I wonder how she keeps in shape.. Oh, hell. What's it matter? I must win her heart! I WILL win her heart! Because I AM Chang Wufei! AHAHAHAHA...::. Relena..-eases up onto the oposite side, taking her arm- Allow ME to buy you ice cream. Anything you want.. -flashes Relena an 'As-handsome-as-it-gets-for-Wufei' smile- Ah, Relena.. let me count the ways.. your smile reminds me of the rising sun..lighting up anything it touches with it's beauty.. -looks over Relena's shoulder at Heero and gives him a quick glare before looking back to Relena- ^___^

*dazed eyes*.. uhh???..Relena!.. I've been looking for you!!!.. You look great today!.. Can I get you an ice cream.. *sees Wufei looking at them* or DO YOU WANT JUSTICE BOY TO GET IT..*angry eyes*
Relena: ehehehe.. he..eh?.. umm. oh that :: oh crap.. what am i gonna say?!?!.. tell him that the love potion was for him?!?!::
Heero: *Grabs Relena by the arm again* Let's go get some ice cream... * Kawaii smile* :: Is that Quatre in a thong?!?!::* is very disturbed*

:::that thong looks too small, even for Quatre::: *frowns* :::nice ass...no, wait, what am I saying? I'm a guy! O_O:::

Quatre: *still hiding behind surfboard* :::Where is Pechs? Oh no! What if he forgot about my huge predicament...!?:::
Pechs: :::Hey, Quatre, I got this from the store over there. They ran out of extra small trunks so I just got you this.:::*hands Quatre the thong*
Quatre: *grabs it and stretches it* :::Kami help me... thanks anyway, Pechs...::: *puts thong on, gets out of the water and runs towards shin* ::: pleasehaveanextrapairoftrunkspleasehaveanextrapairoftrunkspleasehaveanextrapairoftrunks::: *everyone stares at a blushing Quatre in a thong. Women scream, kids point, and cameras flash.* :::this is not my day:::

Sunday, April 20, 2003

*sees Wufei smile at her. She smiles back nervously and gives him a small wave* ::What did I get myself into?:: *sees Heero and excitedly walks over* Hi Heero!! *skips around him and sprinkles the love potion* Lalala!!

-dreamy sigh- Relena..-turns around and bumps into Heero- >>. Feh, what do you want, Yuy? Can't you see I'm busy? -looks over his shoulder and smiles at Relena-

*walks up to Duo and taps him on the shoulder* Hay, D, I was wondering if you`d get me a ice cream. Please? *gives Duo the cutest puppy dog eyes* Pwerty Pwerty Pwease? ::Look what I`ve turned into! Oh well, if it`ll get me some of that sweet snow::

*sees Wufei follwing Relena..* :: oh I get it.... WU-WU- LIKES MY ONNA! :: MUST KILL! *goes off to to Wu-wu*

Wait Relena! -keeps at Relena's heels with that same smile plastered on his face- Do you need anything? A refreshment maybe? Something to eat?

*runs toward Quatre with a camera*.. eh??.. what's Wufei doing to Relena?!?!... HEY!.. HE'S FLIRTING WITH HER!!!.. WHAT'S UP WITH RELENA TODAY?!?!.. First she leaves me for Quatre then now shes with Wu-wu?!?!?....grr...fine * sticks out his tongue and pulls his lower lid down*.. NYAH!. Stupid onna... T_T.. I JUST WANNA BE ALONE NOW..::eh?.. where'sTrowa been?::

*wakes up to Quatre screaming: I LOST MY SWIM TRUNKS!!* Ack! Eh? *looks around a bit in confusion* Ohhh, poor Quatre... *watches as the life guard goes and buys Quatre new swimwear* A thong?! o.O Now, definitely poor Quatre... *digs through small bag he brought with him* If he comes over here, I'll give him this extra pair of trunks I brought with me...

*doesn't know whether to feel flattered or disgusted* Um..its quite alright Wufei. Thank you for complimenting on my eyes. It was very...uh flattering. *shakes the love potion bottle* ::Good...there's still some left. Where is that Heero of mine? Well...at least I know this stuff works!:: If you would excuse me, I'll take my leave. *starts looking for Heero*

GAHHH!!! ONNA, YOU-- -Wufei skids to a stop, staring straight ahead with a dazed look in his eyes. He slowly turns around, his gaze landing on Relena- ....Oh. -blushes- I-I'm sorry, Miss Relena. I didn't mean to shove you so hard.. -bats his eyelashes at her, smiling awkwardly-I am so so so so very sorry. How can I make it up to you, Miss Relena? -bows his head slightly- If you don't mind, I would love to take you out to dinner some time. -takes a step towards Relena, with the same awkward smile plastered on his face- My, you have such lovely eyes. Has anyone ever told you that? -chuckles- Of course They have.. -shakes his head- What a silly question. Pardon my stupidity, Miss. Relena..

Relena:*walks into the store and sees Pechs running towards Quatre with a thong* ::Poor little naked Quatre..:: *shakes head sadly* ::Well guess I'll look around the store since I'm already here.:: *she spots something on the shelf that caught her eye. She gasps* ::A LOVE POTION?!:: *thinks of the many wonderful thoughts of Heero stalking her, obeying her every command, watching her everymove.She sighs and grabs the pink heart bottle off the shelf and walks over to Roshi* I would like to purchase this product.
Roshi: *peeks over the magazine and drops it immediatly* A love potion eh? Do you know how to use it? Just sprinkle this on the victim and they'll follow you to the ends of the earth.
Relena: *gets all excited*
Roshi:That would be $10 but this is a SPECIAL item. So you have to pay something extra.
Relena: Exta? *narrows her eyes* What do mean by extra?
Roshi: heheh. *whispers in Relena's ear*
Relena: UGH! HOW DARE YOU!!! *pays him $10 and wacks him with her new purchased item* ::Ew....:: *she skips happily and sees Wufei running towards her*
Wufei: OUT OF MY WAY, ONNA!!!! *shoves her*
Relena: EEEEEK!! *accidently spills some of her love potion on Wufei* ....uh oh

Is that so? Eh. *looks Quatre up and down, gauging his size* I know one vendor who sells trunks, his name's Roshi. I'll go grab you a pair, okay? *walks a ways away to Roshi's stall* Hey, man, I need a pair of trunks in extra small.
Roshi: *looks up from reading his porno magazine that's hidden behind Forbes* Eh, sonny? Xtra small? *shakes his head* No can do, sonny, all sold out. How about a thong? We have those. *gestures to a rack*
Pechs: *digs through the rack and pulls out something black and elasticy* You think you can actually wear this, man?
Roshi: Of course, sonny. Hit item. You buy for your boyfriend? Boys like sexy thongs!!
Pechs: Yeah, whatever. *Pays up and heads back to Quatre, twirling the thong through his fingers* Here Quatre. Catch.

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