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Want to take a swim at the beach? Just let Pechs know and he'll keep an eye on you!


Pechs: This Zechs look-alike is the beach's resident lifeguard. Hunkmeister! He doesn't talk much, though, so if you're gonna bug him, make it brief :P



Master Roshi look-alike: Your job is to sell bikinis & thongs to the beachcombers! (Basically, all you have to do is sit at the back and read porno magazines). Really easy job!

Surfboard Rental dude/dudette: Pech's friend who knows the exact right surfboard for you!


Quatre's mansion
Relena's Prestigious School of Pacifism

The Gundam Boys: Off Duty :P
Duo & Quatre's Fan Club

Saturday, May 03, 2003

*sits patiently as Duo goes through song list indecisively* Hey Duo, may I try a song?
Duo: *looks up, gets sparkly-eyed* THANK YOU QUATRE!!!!! Go ahead, go ahead!!! *hands microphone to Quatre in a rush*
Quatre: Thank you! *looks through song list* Hm... this one... *inputs song number, starts singing "white reflection" really nice like, and the whole bar comes to listen to the platinum-haired boy who sings like an angel.* (^_^)

Heero: O.o *he's just watching Sakura in the water*.. :: should I help her?.. I am a lifeguard ya know...::.. uhh..*stares blankly at Sakura until Amy slaps him*
Amy:.. What are you doing?!?.. go save her!!
Heero: Yes my big boobed sister!! ^_^ *goes in and saves her and comes up to hear Relena*
Amy, Sakura and Heero: O_O.

*Surf's over a huge wave and does a small 360. Suddenly a wave she doesn't see, hit's her and see gets pushed down by the waves force. A piece of kelp wraps around her leg as she reach's the serface.* AHHH!!! I can't move!!! TASKETTE!!!! *another big wave fast approch's* HOEEEEEE!!!!!!

Duo*thinks of songs he knows*: AHH! I dont know, i seem to have forgotten all lyrics now. *scratches head*

Friday, May 02, 2003

*looks at her mush of what was a castle* That didn't work! Noooooo! *puts her hand on her head* WHAT WOULD WORK!? I need to think! *goes to the bar* Maybe ...a drink will help me! *sits on a chair and slaps the table* HEY! I WANT A DRINK!
Bartender: *slides a drink*
Relena: *grabs the glass and takes a sip* ::Coke tastes...different now a days. Haven't had one for a long time.Now..time to think!:: *spots Duo and Starlight arguing over the mic at the karaoke machine* ::What a lovely couple...WHAT IF I SING HOW I FEEL ABOUT HEERO! He would be in tears and speechless!!:: *laughs to self*

Amy: *has no idea how to surf* Um a little help here..... I dont have a clue how to work this thing! ^_^;
Heero: Finally I found something you can't do! *looks at Amy as she stands up in an attempt to surf when a wave comes and she surfs perfectly in to shore*
Amy: ^_~ (honestly I don't know how to do this!)

*steps into Karaoke bar, sees starlight forcing Duo to sing* :::Hello Starlight, Duo, mind if I join you?::: *smiles, sits down and orders a chocolate parfait*

Thursday, May 01, 2003

::Something to deal with death, maybe?:: I don`t care, koi, I just wanna hear you sing. Who knows, maybe I`ll get up there and sing with you....Lets see.... ::Country is SO not my mood now....um....Duo picks:: Tell you what, you pick the song. Ok?

*Looks at her own, a little jelous* ::: I'm only a C...oh well. Some people are lucky, I guess.::: Well, come on you guys, lets go! *Runs out into the water and starts to paddle out into the waves*

Amy: *to Sakura* Thanks for waiting! Now we all can go surfing! *Heero looks her up and down* What are you looking at!
Heero: I think it would be wise if you put a swim suit on.....
Amy: Oh yeah that would help! *looks into spandex space for swimsuit* Oh I see one but its at the bottom! *bends too far over and falls in* Help!
Heero: *pulls her out* Are you okay?
Amy: Yep and I got the Swim suit! *holds up a royal blue bathing suit* Now do me a favor and hold the surf boards up so I can change! *they make a triangular dressing room for Amy* All done!
Heero: *eyes almost pop out of there sokets* Since when did your boobs get so big?!
Amy: I am only a D cup!
Sakura: ONLY!
Heero: O_O
Amy: ^_^

Heero: *hears Relena's evil laughter and hears her say Destruction!!* ::Uh-oh.. what can she be doing now?!:: *looks back*
Relena: Destuction!!!
Heero: Come on Sakura let's go
Sakura: uhh.. okay *looks back at Relena and sees Amy* Wait up Syoaran-kun, Amy's coming!

*builds a sand castle* ::This will get Heero's attention!!:: Lalala pretty little castle! ^_____^ *puts the finishing touch which is a flag with Relena winking and gives a peace sign* Hmm not bad if I do say so myself! *stands up and wipes off all the sand* Heero will come running to me! HIYAAAAAH!!!! *smashes the castle* DESTROY DESTROY!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!! ::Heero likes destruction! Destruction Heero likes! So he will come!!::

*wakes up* ::: I feel like surfing...::: *recalls incidents* :::maybe not...:::

Stralight: O_O! I thought you already were a fool!
Duo: -_-! Why me!
Starlight: PLZZ *puppy dog eyes* PLZZ
Starlight: I'll bake you a cake!!
Duo: NO!
Starlight: How about money!
Duo: SOLD!! *takes money* What should i sing??

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

*pulls the surf board from behind the gun surf board* Wait up Heero! *quickly runs after Heero*

*shades her face with her hand and sees Heero about to paddle out* ::Hm....how do I get his attention from here. He likes DESTRUCTION!:: *lightbulb* Ohhhh! Hehehe *rubs hands together*

::.. that was a very very very very very very very very very very very very very long list..... oh well.. at least i get to go surfing!.. ^_^::
*goes into shop with Sakura*
Heero: *Sees a surf board with big ol' black dragon and a sukura leaf on it.. * O.o.. must use this one!!!
Sakura: *sees Amy checking out a surf board with a gun on it*.. HI Amy!.. ehehe.. he.. what's with the gun? ^_^;

Sakura: Well, I've never surfed before, but it can't be as diffrent as Snowboarding, or skateboarding, or rock climbing, or parichuting, or rollerskating, or..*continues to name off a bunch of sports*
Heero: *sweatdrop*
(Five minutes later)
Sakura: ...or scubadiving, or gymnastics, is it? I'm sure it isn't, so lets go! *Grabs Heero/Syoaran-kun's hand and drags him over to the nearest Surfboard Rental shop.*

*removes his clothes and steps into the shower* (OOOoooooohhh!) :::Uh. Why do I have glass stuck in my hair?::: *carefully tries to brush the glass out but his hair and the glass are the same colour* Errrr......

*walks out of the bathroom looking kind of green* Oiiiii......*sees Pechs missing* Pechs!? PEEEEEECHS?! *sees him running off to give his apron to the ice cream girl* Aw potion wore off. *sighs* Guess I'll go look for Heero. HEEEEEEEROO!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

I think I will do some surfing......*goes and buys a surf board*

Heero: :: eh?.. did she just call me Syoaran-kun?!..oh well...::*sees Relena trip* HAHAHAHAHAHA..
Sakura: *sweatdrop* ^_^; ::Syoaran is so weird::
Heero: So, do you know how to surf?

-Wufei lugs the huge treasure chest onto his towel. He sits, cross-legged, infront of it- Here goes nothing. -smirk- I'm gonna be rich!!! -Wufei pops open the treasure chest and peers in. Inside, he finds a note that reads..: If you are reading this note, then you have now entered yourself in the treasure hunt. There are five clues that will lead you to the..Ultimate treasure. If you are successful, you will bask in riches. If you fail, then.. you have to live with the shame of failing, and.. on top of all that.. you get nothing! So what are you waiting for? Grab a shovel and start digging! Your first clue is.. He may be a pervert, he'll look at your rack; Buy useful things at this Porno fan's shack! - ..Ehh? -Wufei growls, his hands balling into small fists- WHAT IS THIS?! THEY WANT ME TO HUNT FOR MY RICHES?!! -scowls- ..well.. I better get to it. -pockets the clue- Hmm.. He may be a pervert.. -glances around the beach- Who's a pervert?... -Wufei's eyes land on Duo- ._. nn.. and I'm not quite sure what a rack is, but Maxwell probably looks at them... ._. Well, there you go! Maxwell must have the second clue!! -picks up a shovel and marches towards Duo-

*suddenly wakes up and realizes he's in front of the womens washroom* ??? *wanders away, shaking glass out of his hair* :::I think I need a shower::: *gives the apron back to the ice cream girl and wanders back to his cabin*

Quatre: *in his hotel suite, watching TV, and eating an ice cream in the bubble bath jacuzzi. Hears Relena cry and Wufei scream from outside* Well, whatever they're doing can't be as relaxing as this... *gets out of the bath and goes to sleep.*

Monday, April 28, 2003

*being carried by Pechs across the sand* Oh Pechs! I feel so....*feels funny from da constant up and downs* SICK!!! *jumps up from his arms and runs to the nearest ladies' room*

Sunday, April 27, 2003

*In dream land as this Syoaran look-a-like puts his arms around her* Ano, Syoaran-kun... *starts to turn beat red, as Heero looks down at her and smiles* Hooeeeeee!!!!!! *Suddenly that Relena girl shows up and tries to run past, but falls in the sand, head first. Sakura doesn't care, she's with her Heero/Syoaran-kun. ^_^*

Relena, my love, don't worry, I will rescue you! *scoops Relena up and starts running off* :::Hmm...why am I running? Well, Relena told me to do it and that's all that matters ^_^:::

-Walks along, waving the metal detector over the sand- Feh, this is so.. -Turns his head just in time to see Relena trip and fall flat onto her face- ..HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! -stumbles backwards, towards a group of children building a sandcastle, laughing and pointing- HAHAHAHAHAAAAA--AAA--AAAAACCCCHKKK!!! -trips over a little girl's leg and falls right ontop of the sandcastle- ..Pfft!! -sits up and brushes the sand off of himself- Look what that crazy onna made me do... -looks at the children, watching them form a tight circle around him- ..What? What are you doing? ...Stand back! Stay away! DON'T COME ANY CLOSER! GET AWAY FROM ME!! GAAAAAAHHH!! **The children pelt Wufei with their shovels, then begin to burry him alive** -Wufei screams- KIIIISAAAMMMAAA!!! This is ludicris! Shovel me out of this mess imediately! ...**A faint beeping sound is heard** ...What...is that noise? ...-Wufei turns his head to see his metal detector. He soon realizes that this is the source of the beeping noise- AH! I FOUND SOMETHING! DIG ME OUT SO I CAN CLAIM MY TREASURE!!.. **Two kids from the group of children lift up the metal detector and move it safely aside. The remaining children begin to dig up the area where the metal detector lied just seconds before** -Wufei watches in horror- NO! DON'T DO THAT! STOP IT! **Moments pass** GAAAHHH! Somebody help!!! **The children stop digging and a couple of them climb into the hole that was made** -Stretches his neck out to see what was discovered- **A huge treasure chest is pulled from the hole** -blinks, then emerges from his sandy grave- GET AWAY FROM THERE!!!!! GAAAAAAHH!!! -shoves the children away from the treasure chest- It's mine! All mine! Aahahahahahaha! -picks the treasure chest up and runs all the way back to his towel-

*watches as Heero and Sakura walk off* Well at least Relena is leaving Heero alone! Now lets see how to entertain myself till Heero comes back.......*looks around* Oh theres Starlight and Duo looks a little upset about somethin.....I got to go and find out!

*GASP* ::Heero....put his arm around Quatre's sister and starting to walk away from me!!:: *mumbles* I'll show him! *bats her eyelashes but it looks like she's twitching* Pechs? Why don't we go somewhere more...alone-y? ::Wait! Then Heero can't see me and get jealous! Hmmm..:: Pechs! Why don't we have a race!
Pechs:*sees her arguing with herself* ::She's arguing with herself...wow she's so perfect:: Ok *dashes off*
Relena: Hey hey! NOT WITHOUT ME! *runs and finally catches up to Heero. She sticks out her foot to trip him while running.* HAHAHAHA!!! DIE HEERO YUY!! *she fails and falls on her face* OOF!!

Quatre: *walks out of the hotel with swimtrunks on.* Finally I could enjoy some good time on the beach with my trunks on... *looks around. Sees Ne-chan with Heero, Pechs with Relena, Duo being dragged around the beach by starlight, Wufei with a metal detector, and Amy sunbathing. Sweatdrops.* I think I'll just stay inside...

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