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Want to take a swim at the beach? Just let Pechs know and he'll keep an eye on you!


Pechs: This Zechs look-alike is the beach's resident lifeguard. Hunkmeister! He doesn't talk much, though, so if you're gonna bug him, make it brief :P



Master Roshi look-alike: Your job is to sell bikinis & thongs to the beachcombers! (Basically, all you have to do is sit at the back and read porno magazines). Really easy job!

Surfboard Rental dude/dudette: Pech's friend who knows the exact right surfboard for you!


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Friday, June 06, 2003

*Finnally dug herself out of the sand*
Sakura: I'm getting too old for this!!
*See's fat man still chasing Syoaran-kun/Heero*
Sakura: Syoaran-kun!!! Watch out!!! *starts to run again*

Amy: *comes back* I must save Heero! *shots Relena but the bullets shoot back* Ah!

Amy: *comes back* I must save Heero! *shots Relena but the bullets shoot back* Ah!

*munches on his/her hotdog* Mmmm yummy! *sees Quatre running towards her* Why hello Quatre! Lovely day isn't it? *buuuuuuuurp* ?! Excuse mee!! *spots Sakura running after Heero* EEKK! NO HEERO!!! I WILL SAVE YOU!! *starts running after him*

Quatre: hm... *eats his ice cream while witnessing The fat male version of Relena run after Heero panting heavily* You know what? Relena could become a sumo wrestler... *takes out cellphone and dials* ...hello? Motaro-san? Yeah, I have a really god sumo candidate here, I think he could win a few rounds... no, he doesn't have training, but you could fix that up right?... about 365 pounds... yes, I know he's good, that's why I called you... yes, he's fat AND ugly... thanks, I'll have him delivered to you via truck okay? Arigato!!! *hangs up his cellphone* Now all that's left is to catch Relena!!! *runs after her/him*

Thursday, June 05, 2003

*Sakura finnaly wakes up from her nap on the rock. Glance's over and see's her brother, smashed into the sand.*
Sakura: O.o ..........oh......well..I wonder where Syoaran-kun is?
*See's a fat middle aged *hehe* man running slowly after Heero*
Sakura: Matta Syoaran-kun! I'm coming!
*Starts to run really fast over to them and is about to tackle the fat man, when he suddenly runs right and Sakura flies head first into the sand*

*tilts her head and gives a puzzled look* Stop Heero!! *stops running and pants heavily* I fear that I cannot run no more. *smells hotdogs near by* Mmmm...hotdogs. STAY RIGHT THERE HEERO! I will come back! Do not weep for I left you for food! *skips over to the hotdog guy*

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

*still chasing the powerman* SHINU!!!!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

*looks at fat guy screamin HEERO!!!!!!!*
Heero: Eh?!?!? Why is he runnin towards me?!?! :: better start running!!!::
*starts running*
Fat guy: Heero!! Why are you running away from me?!?! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 02, 2003

Amy: Oh theres the moon! *sees the fat person yelling Heero* EK! Sorry I don't shoot fat ugly people!
Heero: Whos that?!
Amy: Good luck brother.......*runs away*

Relena: What was that, Quatre? I look georgeous? Of course I do!! My beauty is unsurpasable no matter my weight or size! HEERO!! IM COMING FOR YOU HEERO!!!!!!!!!!! *gets off quatre and runs towards Heero's direction, panting heavily.*
Quatre: O_O Poor heero... a fat man chasing after him... Oh well! *goes to buy himself an ice cream cone*

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